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Goodbye fall

Big things coming up for 2019. Debut album via + @cloudshillmusic. Two new music videos. Tour dates TBA soon! Cheers to that. Cheers to you

@cloudshillmusic festival was such a blast, thanks for the great party

Bitchin‘. @rolandgermany @cloudshillmusic @captain.cadadas @snevermann

@captain.cadadas • • • • • some members of the crew have very elegant ways of not showing their face 😂 @thekiezofficial @elimardock @snevermann @tarawolffphotography @whippetsuko @cloudshillmusic

I see a hi-hat and I want to paint it black huge thanks to @711rent for their support. @captain.cadadas @tarawolffphotography @cloudshillmusic

Getting set up at. @captain.cadadas @tarawolffphotography @cloudshillmusic

@captain.cadadas • • • • • getting ready for the next @thekiezofficial music video … shooting tomorrow! with @snevermann and @tarawolffphotography @elimardock for @cloudshillmusic

Marching backwards to the future ✌️🖤



We Play

EP out now
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Take Me Higher

Single out now
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A duo based out of two continents, garage rockers The Kiez (pronounced Keetz) blend fuzzed out atmospheric rock with reverb-laden soul and four-on-the-floor dance bangers. Strangers introduced by mutual friends, Hamburg, Germany-based producer and drummer Lucas Kochbeck and Lincoln, USA-based ex-Eagle Seagull frontman Eli Mardock hit it off right from the start. The two quickly got to work sending demos and song ideas back and forth like a game of telephone played over the internet, and produced a collection of song demos that would eventually become their debut EP – »We Play« – which is to be released on Hamburg, Germany label Clouds Hill in January 2018, and their debut album, »Love Is A Good Drug«, which will be released via Clouds Hill in May 2018.

Influences are worn on the sleeve, from artists as diverse as Iggy Pop, The Cure, Lou Reed, The Clash, Bowie, The Rolling Stones, even Peter Bjorn and John. But these RIYL tags are too easy, too lazy. The reality is The Kiez are worth a listen because they have qualities and sound uniquely their own. Yes, they loosely define themselves as garage rock, but the band is perhaps more »musical« than your typical garage rock while still full of the same swagger and – dare I say – sass.

The first songs from The Kiez came out of the blue. »Well, I felt like that something wants to come out,« says Lucas Kochbeck. »This was just a chance to let it all out,« Mardock says. »I bottle things up and stay pretty stoic usually. I open in songs. If I didn’t, I think I’d implode under the weight of everything.« The songs quickly morphed into more than angry break-up songs. »From basically the start, this band has never been about… hey, let’s make this insanely difficult, challenging album, etc.« says Eli Mardock. »This band is all about what comes naturally. We’re not trying too hard, not forcing anything. It’s all about what comes out sort of organically…everything is kind of in our sweet spot, in a way, because it’s not ruined by overthinking. We’re just going with what’s visceral, intuitive, our gut feelings, in all these songs.«

That confidence bleeds through every track of the band’s »We Play« EP & full length »Love Is A Good Drug«, with the band assured enough to layer in shades of different influences from Spaghetti westerns to Lou Reed and Bowie. The duo recently spent 3 weeks at Clouds Hill Studio with Hamburg-based producer Marcus Brosch tweaking and recording the tracks that would become their debut EP and LP.


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For more information please contact:

Clouds Hill GmbH & Co KG
Billwerder Neuer Deich 72
20539 Hamburg, Germany
+49 (0) 40 9826 0501